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Paris, Amsterdam and Iceland, what a mix!

We left sunny Portugal and flew into Paris for a flying 2 day visit. The fete de musique was on the first night. It was fun, but I think we are getting a bit old. There was a lot of 'doof doof' music and many drunk, but happy Parisiens. The second day was spent wandering the streets. We went to the silly Pompadue (spelling) centre, and then ended with a very nice dinner in a cute Parisien restaurant. We left Paris on the train and found ourselves in Amsterdam. This was my 3rd and Nick's 2nd stay in Amsterdam and it just getting better. Beautiful, friendly,easy to get around, and plenty of good food, wine, and ........! In fact, the food was an absolute highlight this time. It was so good. We also hired our own little 'tinny" and casually pottered the canals for an afternoon. Their tiniest are electric, so the are quiet and fume less. As are many of their cars now. Very good idea. We also visited the Van Gogh museum. I am not really an arty fatty type, but we really enjoyed it. We continued the museum theme with a visit to the museum dedicated to the Resistance during WW2. It was very interesting to see how the Dutch handled the war. Won't go into to detail, as I don"t want to offend. Ask me when I get home and I will tell you all about it. In total, we had 5 glorious days in Amsterdam and it still wasn't enough. Aaaaah. From there it was onward and upward to Iceland. Wow, and I don't just mean the airline. It is amazing. The landscape is awesome, Reykjavik is great, and the Blue Lagoon was a cracker. We should have stayed longer, but everything we read said that 3 days was enough. It wasn't. Never mind, we might just have to go back.

We have now spent a week in the U.S. More on that in the next blog.

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The Atlantic coast

sunny 30 °C

So, we hired a car and headed for the Coast. First stop was ericeira, a beautiful small village west of Lisbon on the coast. Very Mediterranean looking, with white buildings topped In blue rooftops, and tiled walls. Lovely. Then up the coast to nazare, which was bigger and more touristy but still lovely. Magnificent beach and spectacular cliffs. Stayed the night in a cute hotel, and did the funicular to the top of the cliffs. Then further north to Porto. Our apartment fell through so we ha d a night in 'has seen better days' old world hotel, that was probably once very flash and 'Windsor Hotel'ish', but now, not so much! Now we have a great apartment right on the river for two nights. Porto is beautiful, and fun, and hot. Have done boat cruise, visited cellars where they the port wines, and travelled up the cable car to see the vista. Loving it. The only slight negative is that the food is not spicy the way we expected, but the Douro wine is cheap and very drinkable, and today we discovered 'cachucha', a very nice fortified wine.

Loving portugal!!!!!

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sunny 25 °C

So, 3 planes, one 6 hour layover in Bangkok, and a possible illegal entry into Portugal (will explain later), and I am in Lisbon. Had a night alone at the airport hotel, then met up with nick,Cath and ian the next day and found our apartment. It's lovely, and in a neat spot in
The biarro alto. Lisbon is fantastic, beautiful architecture, winding streets, up and down hills, and on a huge river. The food is good,the people are friendly, and can't find anything not to like so far. One more night here, and then getting a car and off to the coast to travel north to Porto over a few days.

Re the illegal entry, I may have followed the wrong crowd of people off the plane from Vienna, and went through EU citizens bit, so no one checked my passport! So not sure what will happen when I try to leave for Paris. Fingers crossed, hope I am not arrested as an illegal alien, that could be awkward. Anyway, no point worrying yet, I am about to go to a rooftop bar to watch the sunset over Lisbon, so I may as well enjoy my freedom while it lasts!

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Bon voyage nick

Last night in geelong for nick. He is off to Dublin tomorrow. In 48 hours he will be sharing a Guinness with Cath and ian in temple bar. I will, in the meantime be trying to organise the children and get the house in order before I go. Then 7 more sleeps I will be taking off for Lisbon!

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